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International Civil Aviation Organization

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State Visit of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan and

the Governor General of Canada and Her Husband (Ottawa, Canada, 2009)



​Commission by Minister of Foreign Affairs: Adviser for the Japanese government delegation at the 39th General Assembly, International Civil Aviation Organization (Montreal, Canada, September 27 - October 7, 2016)

UN: International Civil Aviation Organization General Assembly (Montreal, Canada, 2013, 2016, 2019)

UN: International Civil Aviation Organization technical meetings (Montreal, Canada, 2001 - 2017, Munich, Germany, November 2004, London, England, November 2005, Rome, Italy, June 2006, Milan, Italy, February 2007, Osaka, Japan, October 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2011, Rome, Italy, May 2013, Cologne, Germany, March 2017, Narita, Japan, November 2018, Madrid, Spain, November 2019, Venice, Italy, May 2023)

AAM Missions to airports (France: Paris, Italy: Milan, Rome, February 2024)​

Hiroshima Aerospace mission to Montreal (Montreal, Canada, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

Montreal Aerospace mission to Hiroshima (Hiroshima, Japan, 2011, 2012)

Mie Aerospace mission to Montreal (Montreal, Canada, September 2017, January/February 2019)



G8 Labour and Employment Ministers Conference (Montreal, Canada, April 2002)

G7 Employment and Innovation Ministerial Meeting (Montreal, Canada, March 2018)

G7 Security Ministerial Meeting (Toronto, Canada, April 2018)

OECD Social Policy Ministerial Meeting (Montreal, Canada, May 2018)

G7 Multistakeholder Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Montreal, Canada, December 2018)


AI ・ IoT・ IT:

Canada-Japan Industrial Co-operation Forum: Japan IT Business Forum (Ottawa, Canada, October 4, 2000)

Canada-Japan Industrial Co-operation Forum: Japan IT Business Forum (Toronto, Canada, October 5, 2000)

AI Artificial Intelligence and IoT meetings (Montreal, Canada, May, September, December 2017, September, December 2018, June 2019, March 2020)

Animation/Video Game/VFX:

Animation Business meetings (Montreal, Canada, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Montreal International Game Summit (Montreal, Canada, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2018) 

Effects Montreal 2016 (Montreal, Canada, June 2016)

C2 Montreal (Montreal, Canada, May 2018, May 2019)

Olympic Games:

Olympic Games related meeting (Ottawa, Canada, September 2017)

Olympic Games related meeting (Montreal, Canada, July 2018)

WADA World Anti-doping  Agency Foundation Board Meeting (Montreal, Canada, November 2023)

Economy/International Trade/Investment:

Minister of International Trade of Canada Visit to Japan, Team Canada (Osaka, Tokyo, Japan, 1999)

Hiroshima economic mission to Montreal  (Montreal, Canada, 1996, 2008)

International Economic Forum of the Americas (Montreal, Canada, June 2012, June 2015)

Ministerial Mission Visit to Japan by the Quebec Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Japan, 2014)  

Multilateral negotiations for international patent (Montreal, Canada, February 2016)

Financing by financial institutions (Montreal, Canada, September 2016)

Economic Mission Visit to Japan led by Mayor of Montreal (Hiroshima, Tokyo, Japan, June 2018)

Petrochemical​ plant machinery maintenance (Montreal, Canada, April, May 2020)

Fine chemical enterprise Japan-Canada PMI meetings (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada, July, August, September, October, November, December 2023, January, February, March, April, May, June 2024)


Ministry of Justice of Japan delegation meeting for Quebec land register (Quebec, Canada, 2003)

AFCC 40th Anniversary Conference (Ottawa, Canada, May 2003)

Supreme Court of Japan delegation meeting with Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Canada (Ottawa, Canada, December 2019)

Notary testator meeting for will making (Montreal, Canada, December 2021)​

Mediation meeting among lawyers (Montreal, Canada, September 2021, February 2022)


14th Japan-Canada Housing Committee (Quebec, Canada, 1999)

Japan Canada International Forestry Partnerships Program (Quebec, Canada, 2000)

Japan Canada International Forestry Partnerships Program (Quebec, Canada, 2001)

Japan Canada International Forestry Partnerships Program (Vancouver, Calgary, Canada, 2002)

Japan Canada International Forestry Partnerships Program (Vancouver, Calgary, Yukon, Canada, 2004)

Japan Canada International Forestry Partnerships Program (Vancouver, Yukon, Canada, 2005)


Public Electric Utility Enterprisers Forum (Halifax, Canada, 1993)

Technical meetings for electric power system simulation (Montreal, Canada, 1996 - 2000)  

E7 Summit (Quebec, Canada, 2000)

GSEP Summit for Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (Montreal, Canada, May 2017)

Battery meeting (Canada: Saguenay November 2023, Bécancour February 2024, Toronto March 2024)


Technical meeting for public transportation infrastructure (Montreal, Canada, November 2014, May 2015)

Transportation management (Ottawa, Canada, December 2015)

Winter road and automobile maintenance (Halifax, Canada, December 2015)

Port related international meeting (Gaspe, Canada, July 2016)

Meteorological observation study mission (Ottawa, Canada, November 2012,  January & August 2015, March 2019, London, England, March 2017, Helsinki, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Finland, February 2018)

International Relations/Intergovernmental meetings:

Hiroshima-Montreal Sister Cities Signing Ceremony  (Montreal, Canada, 1998)

2002 International Parliamentarians' Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (Ottawa, Canada, November 2002)​

VIIIth International Ombudsman Institute Conference (Quebec, Canada, 2004)

Kyoto delegation and Quebec minister of international relations (Quebec, Canada, 2008)

Quebec Premier and Governor of Kyoto meeting (Quebec, Canada, 2012)

Quebec Premier and Ambassador of Japan meeting (Quebec, Canada, 2014)

Quebec Premier and Kyoto delegation (Quebec, Canada, May 2016)

Kyoto Prefectural Assembly and National Assembly Meeting (Quebec, Canada, May 2018)

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)  (Quebec, Canada, May 2017)

Administration management meeting (Ottawa, Canada, March 2017)

Refugee recognition system related meeting (Ottawa, Canada, October 2017)

C40 (Montreal, Canada, December 2022)

COP15 (Montreal, Canada, December 2022)


​Sharing experiences on aging societies: A Japan-Quebec Dialogue (Montreal, Canada, May 2006)

Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bio Mission (Montreal, Canada, November 2007)

Hiroshima Biotechnology Mission (Montreal, Canada, 1998, 2000, 2001) 

Business meeting for social welfare products (Montreal, Canada, February 2015)

​​GMP Inspection (Montreal, Canada, September 2019)

Medical consultation (Montreal, Canada, August, September, October 2015, March, June, July, August 2016, October 2018, October, November 2020, October 2021)

Film Festivals/Music/Science/Culture/Fashion:

National Film Board of Canada (Montreal, Canada, 2001, 2004)

New Montreal Film Fest (Montreal, Canada, 2005)

Montreal World Film Festival (Montreal, Canada, 1990 -2018)

Japan Foundation Conference by President of the Japan P.E.N. Club, etc. (Montreal, Canada, April 2010)

Japan Foundation Conference by Animation director (Montreal, Canada, September 2011)

World Federation of International Music Competitions General Assembly (Montreal, Canada, May 2017)

Montreal Symphony Orchestra/Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra joint concert (Montreal, Canada, Sep.2018)

World Congress of Science and Factual Producers (Montreal, Canada, 2013)

Japan-Canada cultural cooperation (Quebec, Canada, April 2016, May 2017)

Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie meeting (Montreal, Canada, January 2018)

Montreal Fashion Week (Montreal, Canada, February 2012)

Mode & Design Montreal (Montreal, Canada, August 2019)

Fashion event (Montreal, Canada, June 2022)

Educational systems/Youth exchange:

World Youth Visit Exchange Association Delegation to England (London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, England, August 1974) 

World Youth Visit Exchange Association Delegation to Soviet Union (Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Riga, Soviet Union, August 1975) 

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Quebec City, May 1984)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Hull, October 1984)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Montreal, May 1985)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Quebec City, October 1985)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Trois-Rivières, November 1985)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Drummondville, November 1985)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Ministry of Education of Japan (Sherbrooke, October 1996)

Delegation of Japanese teachers, Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education (Montreal, October 1996)

Montreal Board of Education meeting, (Montreal, November 2022, March, July, September, October 2023,

January, March, April 2024)​


Agricultural cooperatives meeting (Quebec, Canada, October 2016)

Agri-food export meeting (Bromont, Canada, June 2017)

Wagyu promotion event (Montreal, Canada, September 2022)​

Production Management/Market Research/Contracts/Events:

Contract negotiations between Japanese and Canadian companies (Montreal, Canada, January 2016)

Branding strategy meeting (Montreal, Canada, February 2017)​

Market research meeting (Montreal, Canada, March 2017)

Event management meeting (Montreal, Canada, May 2017, July 2018)

Production management meeting (Montreal, Canada, June 2017, February 2018, February 2019)

Kaizen/Lean Manufacturing/TPM:

Aviation (Ottawa, Canada, May, Otober 1999)

Aviation (Toronto, Canada,  July 1999)

Aviation (Winnipeg, Canada, December 1999)

Aviation (Bromont, Canada, December, 1999, October 2000, March, November 2001, March 2002, May 2002, August 2002,  January 2003, February 2003, February 2007, February 2008)

Film (Châlons-sur-Marne, France, September 2000)

Electricity (Sherbrooke, Canada, August 2004, April, October 2005, Montreal, Canada, March, August, November 2007)

Hydro (Montreal, Canada, February, April,  October 2005, January 2006)

Wind (St-Augustin, Canada, March 2006)

Metal (Montreal, Canada, May 2006)

Electric appliances TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) (Montreal, Canada, April, August, November 2007, February 2008)

Construction TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) (Montreal, Canada, May 2023)


Opening ceremony of Japanese Garden, Montreal Botanical Garden (Montreal, Canada, 1988)

Hiroshima Mission for Tea Garden at Japanese Garden  (Montreal, Canada, 1999)


Special Conferences/Meetings:

Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor conference (Ottawa, Canada, 2002)

Smart City Expo Montreal (Montreal, Canada, March 2015)

International service organization (Montreal, Canada, June 2022)



Official documents (English->Japanese, Japanese->English, French->Japanese, Japanese->French), Certificates of all kinds, power of attorney, family register, family register prior to update, resident card, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, judgment of divorce, certificate of celibacy, birth certificate, notification of death, certificate of post-mortem examination, death certificate, cremation permit, medical certificate, certificate of vaccination, insurance card, mother-child health handbook, my number card, certificate of employment, bank statement, record of payment, building lease contract, graduation certificate, diploma, transcript, syllabus, study permit, driver's licence, nurse licence, export certificate, press release, web site, etc.


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